Code of ethics

OTP Banka Slovensko Ltd. as a member of OTP Bank Group is an actor on the banking and capital markets of Slovakia. The Group achieved this under increasing competition when the need for quality service on the one hand, and the business, development and cultural versatility of the Bank Group on the other, represents a constant challenge for both the management of the Bank and all of its employees. The most crucial factor in both our past and future accomplishments is our good business relationship with the clients. Our success has been made possible by the committed work of skilled, creative employees acting ethically, and this is also a token of our future success. To promote this objective, the Board of Directors and the management of OTP Banka Slovensko Ltd. decided to implement standard ethical rules under the name of Code of Ethics applied in the whole OTP Bank Group. We are aware of the fact that ethical operation can contribute considerably to enhancing the performance, competitiveness and the domestic and international recognition of the Bank, which we are promoting with all available means.

1. Ethical Declaration

Our Bank applies the following ethical principles:

1.1 Basic moral requirements

1.1.1 Honesty and integrity
Members of Supervisory Board, chief officers, employees and external cooperators must act honestly and honourably in their personal and business relationships, observing all applicable rules and moral principles. They must fully respect human and community values.

Our employees must take special care to keep their moral and professional integrity beyond question and the Company urges them to carry out their activities in this spirit.

Our Company has to keep accurate records and financial statements in compliance with relevant legal regulations paying special attention to the protection of corporate wealth.

1.1.2 Professionalism
We strive to carry out our tasks at the highest possible professional quality and in compliance with rules and business ethics requirements. We expect all our employees to display creativity and individual initiative and also to take responsibility. We believe that the key to performing our tasks successfully is close cooperation at the workplace.

1.2 Principles of professional operation

 1.2.1 Professional credibility

In an endeavour to fully meet and exceed the expectations associated with our good business reputation, we constantly develop our professional knowledge and skills. Our products and services are sold by skilled and experienced employees who are required to pay particular attention to keeping our clients fully informed.

1.2.2 Conflict of interests
As prescribed by legal regulations, our employees must avoid actual conflicts of interests relating to their positions, work and person as well as the appearance of such conflicts of interests. They must refrain from all activities in conflict with the interests of the Bank and make decisions without prejudice and bias. They must reject gifts and unethical benefits and may not imply or express that they expect these.

1.2.3 Confidentiality
One of the prime requirements of the confidential relationship established with our clients is to strictly protect the business secrets and confidential information applying to them. We consistently keep bank and security secrets deriving from the performance of financial service activities.

1.3 Respect of clients, colleagues and competitors


1.3.1 Ethical operation
Recognising that our operations are carried out in an economy based on competition and private ownership, we fully respect the interests of our competitors and their employees and disapprove all efforts aimed at unfair business influence. In the sale of our products and services, we fully respect the business interests of our clients. Considering the role financial institutions play in the financing of business actors, we pay special attention to the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism as well as to meeting the requirements of getting to know customers. We strictly separate commercial banking and investment service activities within OTP Banka Slovensko Ltd. and refrain from the unauthorized and unethical use of insider and internal information.

1.3.2 Respect and fair treatment
In the relationships between our employees we only consider respect, civility and fair treatment acceptable. We condemn and refrain from all forms of negative discrimination and harassment. We acknowledge the importance of both work and private life and use every effort to help our employees create a healthy work-life balance. We acknowledge the right of our employees to an active political or civil role, however all political activities must be carried out outside the workplace. Any political statement made by an employee outside the workplace must not abuse their position within the Company and may not injure the Company’s reputation

1.4 Principles of governance and social responsibility

1.4.1 Responsible corporate governance
In achieving corporate objectives, the governance and management of the Company must apply practices aimed at eliminating and moderating risks. This is realized with the help of the effective operation and the independent audit of business controls as well as a remuneration and incentive scheme based on actual performance. The Bank reports to shareholders on matters of responsible governance on a regular basis. In addition to shareholders, in the course of operations we also cooperate with our employees, the organizations representing their interests, our business partners, authorities, municipalities and the financial authorities – jointly referred to as: other stakeholders.

1.4.2 Social responsibility
The Company acknowledges that in addition to its business performance and growth, it also has to take essential aspects of its social environment into consideration. Our understanding of social responsibility entails an ongoing commitment to promoting sustainable economic growth. We intend to realize this through cooperation with our employees, their families, local communities and society as a whole in order to improve the standard of living in a manner that is favourable to both the Company’s success and to general development.

In our daily work, we apply the above principles to the following areas:

  • we ensure the transparency of operation and act in accordance with the principles laid down in the Code of Ethics;
  • we undertake regular dialogue with the other stakeholders;
  • we maintain successful workplace cooperation and appropriate employee relationships;
  • we support communities outside the Bank;
  • within our capacities, we protect the environment and human health and
  • we respect human rights.

We consciously choose to fulfil the expectations placed upon us given our exceptional role in the Slovakian economy and social life. In addition to a sound and consistent business policy, we are sensitive to the justified interests of our clients, business actors and fellow human beings.

We pay special attention to ensuring that modern operations, reflecting social responsibility are implemented within our subsidiaries and take all necessary measures to this end.

1.5 Reporting ethical offences

1.5.1 Reporting ethical offences
One of the objectives of ethical regulation is to encourage the voluntary observation of the prescribed conduct and to increase the awareness and the general acceptance of ethical rules. To realize these objectives, it is important to discuss and communicate ethical issues and cases within the Company. In case any suspected ethical offence, it is our common interest that the person detecting the offence report it. Ethical offences may be reported directly to one of the following persons:

  • direct manager or superior at work in case of employees,
  • head of the Compliance and Security Officer Unit of OTP Banka Slovensko Ltd. ( Ing. Gabriela Molnárová, Štúrova 5, 813 54 Bratislava) or, if the head of the Compliance Section is involved in the offence, the head of the First Division ( Ing. Zita Zemková, Štúrova 5, 813 54 Bratislava),
  • secretary of the Ethical Committee (Mgr. Miroslava Šupková, Štúrova 5, 813 54 Bratislava, e-mail: supkova@otpbanka.sk);

1.5.2 Complaint management
Clients of OTP Banka Slovensko Ltd. may report ethical and other complaints through the system of “complaint management”. If the complaint reported by the client raises the suspicion of an ethical offence, the employee directly receiving the complaint must inform the persons defined in the Bank’s Code of Ethics.


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