OTP Banka Slovensko operates within the Slovak market, and through its correspondent banks also on foreign markets, as a universal bank with a full foreign exchange license.

  • Since 4 April 2002, OTP Bank Rt., the largest Hungarian bank, has been the majority shareholder of OTP Banka Slovensko, a.s.
  • Through the transfer of 69.56% of IRB, a.s. shares from the National Property Fund of the Slovak Republic (NPF SR) and a purchase of 22.99% of shares from Slovenská poisťovna, the transaction was carried out as envisaged in a Sale and Purchase Agreement signed on 7th December 2001 between the NPF SR, Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, and OTP Bank Rt.
  • OTP Bank Rt. holds 99,26 % of shares in OTP Banka Slovensko, a.s.
  • Slovak companies and retail shareholders are the other minority shareholders of the Bank.


OTP Banka Slovensko currently operates a network of 60 branches throughout Slovakia. The Bank is based in Bratislava. OTP Banka Slovensko has a system for comprehensive assessment of client’s business plans, in line with the market standards, and has implemented a payment and settlement system, PROFILE, which ensures on-line interconnection of all branches of OTP Banka Slovensko. The Bank is currently linked to SWIFT, REUTERS, and TELERATE.

The bulk of the Bank’s business is banking products and services provided to clients within the Slovak market. The structure of products and services meets the needs of the major market segments being served by the Bank. OTP Banka Slovensko offers its products and services to individual persons and legal entities. OTP Banka Slovensko is a universal bank offering products and services adjusted to the requirements of all generations from the youngest family members to pensioners.


The portfolio of OTP Banka Slovensko services includes:

  • Deposit services
  • Cash and change services
  • Loans
  • Domestic and international payments
  • Business Advice
  • Treasury and investment banking
The Bank provides its services through a network of retail and microSME branches and regional corporate centres located in all major industrial and business centers in Slovakia. The bank’s services feature advantages such as a high speed and full range of the payment operations. All branches work in the on-line mode and are connected to the headquarters.

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