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Safe usage of Internet Banking

In order to secure safe usage of banking services - especially that of the Internet Banking -, OTP Banka Slovakia has implemented a number of security measures. The security level of this service, however, is largely dependent on the security level of clients’ computers and the behaviour of the clients.

Recommendations for our clients

What are the possible threats?

Recently, there have been numerous attacks that attempted to elicit from bank customers their personal data or access codes (password, PIN, credit cards numbers, etc.). The aim of the attackers is to obtain these data via e-mail messages sent to customers on behalf of banks, or redirecting clients to a fake website, which at first glance looks identical to the bank's website, and which requests clients to enter their access data.

How to act safely?

To achieve the highest level of security we recommend the clients to follow the below rules:

  • use electronic banking services via Internet only by means of communication devices equipped with an antivirus programme with a regularly updated database (protection from viruses, harmful codes, Trojan horses, etc.) and firewall (provides protection from unauthorised access from Internet, among others),
  • use anti-spyware and anti-adware applications,
  • apply updates and security patches for the operational system and Internet browser used by the client,
  • if possible, set the security of Internet browser to the highest level,
  • select and configure security components in a professional manner,
  • avoid accessing the electronic banking system from public access points such as Internet cafés, unsecured public networks, unknown computers, etc.,
  • avoid opening of web sites by clicking on hyperlinks sent in e-mails on behalf of the bank, as well as disclosing of personal data by e-mail or phone. The bank never addresses its clients in this manner and never uses these channels to request their access data,
  • avoid opening of attachments sent as SPAM,
  • avoid installing of unknown software from web sites or sent by e-mail,
  • protect your own access data and authorisation tools from abuse,
  • if using Internet banking, before filling out requested access data (PID, password) the client should verify whether the communication is indeed carried out between the client’s communication device and the bank’s server by checking the address in the browser, which should look as follows:, or by checking the certificate issued to OTP Banka Slovensko, a.s. by Verisign certification authority (by double clicking on the lock in the bottom part of the browser). In case the address differs from the above-mentioned one, or the certificate is invalid, or is not issued to OTP Banka Slovensko by Verisign certification authority, it is necessary to terminate the session immediately.

Most commonly used web browsers

  • Internet Explorer

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Google Chrome


The Bank never ask its clients to disclose access data or multiple authorisation data at the same time (e.g. several fields of GRID card at single transaction verification or login, etc.).

Contact us

In case of suspected data misuse, it should immediately be reported to the bank (at any bank branch or via Call Center at 0850 111 222 (from abroad call +421 2 5720 5080)). The bank will block and invalidate all necessary access data and security instruments. Following the investigation of the case, the client may be issued new security tools.


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