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The safe use of Mobile Banking (MB)

Recommendations for clients

How to behave safely?

To reach the highest level of security we recommend that clients follow the following principles:
• Activate MB services and use MB only on trusted mobile devices, which have regularly updated operating system,
• Protect your mobile PIN and keep it secret,
• Do not use too simple PIN (e.g. 1234, 0000, etc.)
• Use bank mobile applications only from the official shops AppStore and GooglePlay,
• Use applications on the device only from the official shops AppStore and GooglePlay, or others but only proven and reliable sources,
• Protect the device with access to MB from viruses, malicious codes,
• In the case of the Android operating system use antivirus application,
• Protect the device with access to MB from unauthorized misuse of another person, for example in case of loss or theft of the device by setting a password, code or, where possible for specific device set up automatic locking of such device,
• Do not use MB in the unknown and insecure publicly accessible wireless networks (prefer data connectivity of mobile operators),
• Do not use MB at the so-called rooted/jailbreak devices,
• Do not to reply to e-mails and phone calls, where anyone, including persons pretending to be the bank employees ask you to provide your authorization data and PIN.
Contact us
If there is any suspicion of misuse of data, in case of loss or theft of the device with enabled mobile application of the bank, you urgently need to report it to the bank in any branch of OTP Banka or through the call centre by calling 0850 111 222 (from abroad +421 2 5720 5080). The bank disables the mobile application or blocks services or invalidates all the necessary login data and security tools. Following the investigation of the case, the client can be released new security tools.


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