With our product specialists we are able to provide traditional and or structured trade and export  financing solutions in both emerging and developed markets. Our solutions are customized to meet your specific needs.

Our comprehensive offering accommodates international trade finance needs from Letter of Credit –based financing to open account financing to help clients mitigate various trade risks and improve their working capital efficiency.

Competitive pricing, individual approach and our expertise - are main advantages that help our customers to save time and money.

Being a member of international banking OTP group, OTP Banka Slovensko offers following TEF products and services:

  • All types and forms of Documentary Credits including structured Back to Back and commodity LCs with following services and financing/under Documentary Credits:
    • issuance and advising;
    • taking a risk via adding our  confirmation to a LC issude by foreign bank; 
    • postfinancing and dicsounting of deferred payment;
  • All types of Bank Guarantees covering payment or non-payment (Bid Gurantees, Performance Guarantees, Advance Payment Guaranatees, Retention Money Gurantees, Warranties) obligations of the the customers in form:
    • stand-by letters of credit
    • direct and indirect (counter-guarantees) bank guarantees
  • Documentary and Clean Collections
  • Purchase of receivables (factoring)
  • Financing receivables - receivables from domestic or foreign trade

With our expertise we provide medium/long term export financing via:

  • ECA (Export Credit Agencies) backed loans - Buyer´s/Supplier´s Credits
  • Forfaiting (including secondary market forfaiting)

In order to better mitigate political and economical risks at export finance (short/medium/long) OTP Banka Slovensko cooperates with EXIMBANKA Slovensko, European Bank for Recontsruction and Development and Asian Development Bank.

If you are interested in our TEF products and services please contact our TEF specialist:
Mrs. Eva Zezulová: zezulova_e@otpbanka.sk
Mr. Ivan Belay: belay@otpbanka.sk
or common e-mail address: trade_finance@otpbanka.sk


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